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BoB Having Trouble With 2nd Single

Posted By on July 1, 2010

     TIP's new Grand Hussle star B.o.B recently talked about hitting a road block when it came to deciding on the next single from his "Adventures of Bobby Ray" single. The southern emcee says he has considered two possible follow-up's to his current "Nothing On You" and "Airplanes" singles. "I think 'Magic' is one where, in terms of the pop crowd, it'll really be the hit, the record of choice," B.o.B said in an interview. "I think 'Don't Let Me Fall' is the song that people just kinda embrace naturally. It doesn't even have to be pushed or on the radio. When I perform and do shows, people sing 'Don't Let Me Fall' just as much as 'Nothin' On You' and 'Airplanes.'"

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