BOB Performs for Preisdent Barack Obama

BOB Performs for Preisdent Barack Obama

     Last night a dream came true for BOB after he got to perform for President Obama and then finds himself in the Presidents iPod.

“It went real well actually man, lotta energy in there,” he said. “On a scale of one to ten it would probably have to [rate it] at 44.”

With the President’s iPod being a topic of conversation (in a recent Rolling Stone, Obama revealed he had Jay Z, Nas and Lil Wayne in his iPod), B.o.B. was pleased to find he had a place in it. “He got me in his iPod. I was like you got a real good iPod then. I made a presidential iPod,” he joked.

     When asked what else was said during their brief meeting, BOB said “He congratulated me on all the success and said he was proud of everything that I was doing. We snapped a few pictures. It was a really good, really good day yesterday.”

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