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Bobby Ray

BoB Talks T.I. Recording Spree & 2nd Album

Posted By on October 5, 2011

     B.o.B recently spoke about T.I.'s recent recording spree, along with details of his second album. During a visit to NYC, Bobby Ray first touched on TIP

“But he’s recording like Tupac now. The first week he got out he did like 30 songs,” said B.o.B. “Not even exaggerating, ‘bout 30 songs when he got out. The whole first week…I feel like he’s just at a point where he knows what he wants to say so it don’t take a long time to do it.”

     B.o.B later went on to speak about why he always seems to be going through multiple phases in music interests.

“For me I feel like I been going through phases. And I feel like I’mma always go through phases,” he explained. “When I first started the first song I ever released was ‘Cloud 9.’ And that was like a smoker’s anthem. The first whole half of the song I was just singing on it…I  kinda went through that phase. Went through [an] alternative phase where all I wanted to do was make rock music. Now I just feel like rapping. I feel like naturally I’mma sing, throw a melody here and there but I’m in emcee mode now.”

     Before ending his interview, Bobby Ray spoke about a possible release date for his sophomore album, currently titled "Strange Clouds."

“Man we gonna get that I’mma say [in] March. I’m aiming for early March. I don’t wanna say too much,” said B.o.B.

BoB – Talks TI, New Album & More