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B.o.B Gives Charles Hamilton Advice

Posted By on October 27, 2009

    Reports broke last month that Charles Hamilton was reportedly dropped by Interscope Records, his fellow freshman rapper B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) has offered the New York rapper some career advice. From Bobby Ray's perspective, Charles Hamilton will likely use his negative press that he's got lately to create impressive music. [B.o.B – Recording – "I Feed These Streets" – Watch Here]

    "You know, he actually gave some good advice on ['Change Gon' Come]," B.o.B. said about their past collaboration. "He was like, 'How do you change what was written/Don't pull into mind what they mention,' and I would tell him that. I would just tell him to continue to be positive because positivity can override anything — even the worse sh*t that happened — even death. You know positivity is positive. You could make positive out of anything. Actually, when you think about the type of inspiration it takes to make a song, he's in a great position. Because as an artist, when everything is going great, then you're just on cruises, and you're on vacation, and you don't want to make a song. You just want to relax. It's always when something bad happens, that's when you're inspired. I definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Charles Hamilton coming out bangin'. [laughs]"

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B.o.B. – Recording – "I Feed These Streets"