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Bone Thugs & Twista to make album together

Posted By on May 3, 2007

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony continue to bring the curtain down on their once nasty feud with Chicago MC Twista via the collaboration "C-Town," a track from "Strength & Loyalty," the Cleveland rap troupe's new album.

And the group's Layzie Bone says there's more where that came from. "We're working on an album," Layzie tells Billboard.com, though there's no firm timetable for its release yet. "We've got, like, five, six, seven songs. Twista is our dawg, man. We're unifying the Midwest. We had problems in the beginning, but that's too long ago to bring up. We're making music, man."

The artists are, in fact, anxious to put the rivalry — which dates to the early '90s and was as much about geography as anything else — in the past. Twista (Carl Terrell Mitchell) guested on the Layzie Bone track "Midwest Invasion," which first appeared on the 2005 X-Ray compilation "This is Hip-Hop." And Krayzie Bone joined Twista for "Spit Your Game" on last year's Notorious B.I.G. project "Duets: the Final Chapter."

"It definitely was a rivalry at one time, but it was all senseless, nonsense," says Krayzie. "We were just young and not even realizing what was going on. Now we're like, 'Man, what were we even beefing about?' We don't even know — like, who rapped the fastest or whatever. It really didn't make sense. Now we're like, instead of beefing we can make money together."

As previously reported, "Strength & Loyalty" is due May 8 via Full Surface/Interscope. The group is playing spot club dates to promote the album's release, including a release-day home town show at the Cleveland House of Blues, with a larger tour expected later this year.