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Bow Wow

Bow Wow Wants To Top LL Cool J

Posted By on February 16, 2010

     New Cash Money Records artist Bow Wow recently talked about wanting to top the success of rappers like LL Cool J. Taking to his twitter account, Bow Wow talked about how he admires some of the music industry's most respected artists. "I cant believe im not 23 yet and im on my 8th album. Say what ya want, but it hasnt been another youngin to do dis since MJ and LL," he wrote Tuesday (February 16).

     "LL cool J is my idol. i have to pass him. i see none of these other young boys as comp. I want what LL got. he at 13 im at 8. And even sum still front, dont act like u was harlem shaking, wearing ya braids and bandannas to the side gnr hahahaha @BLACKOKONVICT ok name another youngin who since them 2 that has done it big. no f*ck it. name me sum 1 at 5 who started and are still here? @BLACKOKONVICT n*gga who you think the kid was on Doggystyle on snoop album me. who was on tour with Boss and Onyx? me n*gga. gnr hahaha @BLACKOKONVICT naw wayne wasnt 5. n*gga u old enuff to remember Arsenio hall. I was rapping on there. boy u betta do yo research."

Bow Wow – Footage (Wants To Top LL Cool J)