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Bow Wow Talks Biggest Weakness (Video)

Posted By on August 19, 2010

      New Cash Money rapper Bow Wow recently talked about what he calls his biggest weakness. Talking about his days as an actor, Bow Wow says he admires people like Will Smith.

      "I'm not with anyone, I'm just focused on my career, nothing at this moment is more important than my career. I feel like once you feel like sky's the limit and you're in the hot seats you got to stay focused at the task at hand. Right now my task is really trying to be the next Will Smith. You got to keep all your weaknesses away and my weakness is women. I love women too much. Which has definitely road blocked me. I just try my best to channel my energy to other things and remain focus while making my work as fun as everything else. I'm having a lot of fun taking on this new stage in my life becoming a man."

Bow Wow – Footage (Talks Biggest Weakness)