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Bow Wow Talks Suicide, Young Money (Video)

Posted By on December 8, 2010

     New Cash Money Records artist Bow Wow recently broke his silence over his controversial twitter messages he posted last month, hinting at suicide attempts. Denying having even thought about taking his life, Bow Wow admitted to believing he would never achieve mental clarity.

"All I know is the business, I ain't had time to go play football or none of the regular stuff," Bow Wow said to radio personality Angie Ange. "So at times, it haunts you. It do because of course you're gonna be unbalanced. How can you have balance in life when you haven't seen the other side? I'm unbalanced because I've only seen one side of life. I ain't seen the other side. It's not by choice, it's just how it is. Some days I wake up and I do just want to fit in sometimes — I didn't really mean it like, 'Yo, I'm gonna kill myself,' it's like, when will I get peace? I guess I'll only get it when I'm dead. So that's how I meant [it], I didn't mean it like, 'Yo, I'm about to kill myself right now.'" (KYSDC)

Bow Wow – Talks Suicide, Raz-B, Young Money