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Bow Wow Blasts Tim Westwood For Soulja Boy

Posted By on December 23, 2009

    New Cash Money Records artist Bow Wow recently blasted UK radio personality Tim Westwood for asking Soulja Boy if his Lamborghini was rented or not. Taking to his twitter account, Bow Wow wrote "I agree with @50cent, This n*gga tim westood always try n sturr up sh*t. then when he interview me its gone be a diff story. cm ym FACT: TIM Never question a maf*ka who got money. i been making money since i was in huggies bro. i should be asking you if u rent sh*t."

    Talking with Soulja Boy, Tim Westwood read a bunch of questions off a sheet for the rapper. "Will he ever work with Bow Wow again," Westwood read. "Was his Lamborghinis rented? They looked like leases to me. I'm not saying there's a problem [between you two] but they do look like leases. As opposed to your Lambo which you paid for. Paid cash? Paid cash! Now do you change the color of your Lambo?" [Tim Westwood Asks Soulja Boy About Rented Lambo – Watch Here]

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