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Busta Rhymes Gives Date For His Chemo

Posted By on February 9, 2010

     Busta Rhymes recently announced a release date for his upcoming "Chemo" album, while also saying he plans to continue his venture into the movie business. According to Busta Bust, the new album should hit stores this summer. "First and foremost, the new album is coming the fourth of July," Busta said in an interview on CBS. "The Chemo. I definitely felt it was necessary to find an antidote to cure the cancer in this industry. And last but not least, we gonna nose dive headfirst without a parachute to the big screen, get these movies popping again and have fun."

     Previously, Busta Rhymes recently announced his plans to write a tribute song for Haiti. Although not many details are available, Busta did
say the track is goin to be memorable. "Dready I'm writing the most
compelling song 4 Haiti over this beat u left me wit lastnight…One of
the realest things I ever wrote bruddah!," he wrote Sunday (January 24)
evening via Twitter.

Busta Rhymes – Sets Date For Chemo Album