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Busta Says 50 & Rick Ross Beef Is “Entertainment”

Posted By on February 24, 2009

    Busta Rhymes took time to give fans his opinion on "beefs" in hip hop even calling the 50 Cent and Rick Ross battle simply "entertainment" [watch here]. Busta doesn't choose a side, rather talked about fans misunderstanding of what a rap beef is. "I'm a big fan of Rick Ross," Busta says. "I'm a big fan of 50. I just feel like it's great entertainment, I just hope it stays that way…When it's to the street, it ain't about the rhymes anymore. It's about poppin' somebody's head off and compromising somebody's well-being" [watch here].

    Busta says fans need to realize that this isn't real saying "Motherf*ckers need to start undestanding that as far as hip-hop…a lot of the sh*t we're seeing, people might call it real beef but it ain't real beef until it get in the street. A lot of this sh*t is entertainment…Until it becomes real beef, it ain't real beef. It's just a lot of motherf*ckers outwitting each other…If we're gonna compete, it's about strategically moving your chess pieces. Whose gonna out-think the other opponent and whose gonna cross the finish line as the victor." [watch here]

Busta Rhymes Talks About 50 Cent & Rick Ross Beef Says its "Entertainment"