Busta Says 50 & Rick Ross Beef Is “Entertainment”

Busta Says 50 & Rick Ross Beef Is “Entertainment”

    Busta Rhymes took time to give fans his opinion on "beefs" in hip hop even calling the 50 Cent and Rick Ross battle simply "entertainment" [watch here]. Busta doesn't choose a side, rather talked about fans misunderstanding of what a rap beef is. "I'm a big fan of Rick Ross," Busta says. "I'm a big fan of 50. I just feel like it's great entertainment, I just hope it stays that way…When it's to the street, it ain't about the rhymes anymore. It's about poppin' somebody's head off and compromising somebody's well-being" [watch here].

    Busta says fans need to realize that this isn't real saying "Motherf*ckers need to start undestanding that as far as hip-hop…a lot of the sh*t we're seeing, people might call it real beef but it ain't real beef until it get in the street. A lot of this sh*t is entertainment…Until it becomes real beef, it ain't real beef. It's just a lot of motherf*ckers outwitting each other…If we're gonna compete, it's about strategically moving your chess pieces. Whose gonna out-think the other opponent and whose gonna cross the finish line as the victor." [watch here]

Busta Rhymes Talks About 50 Cent & Rick Ross Beef Says its "Entertainment"


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