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Busta Rhymes Adds Robin Thicke To Album

Posted By on March 25, 2010

     Rapper Busta Rhymes has added R&B singer Robin Thicke to the list of artists whow ill be on his upcoming "Chemo" Album. According to Robin Thicke, he has at least one feature on the upcoming album. "I did a record with Busta for his new album," Thicke said in an interview. "We went in the studio and Busta and I worked together. Busta is very top secret–NASA, CIA, don't tell nobody nothing, don't play nobody nothing, so I probably shouldn't have even said that. He's probably sending somebody here right now to beat me up."

     Previously, Busta hinted that the Neptunes and especially Pharrell Williams would be in on the new album. "Just 4 the twuckin' record I got the most incredible beat frm Pharrel 2day…This CHEMO sh*t is becomining a real milestone album in hip hop!!!!," Busta wrote Wednesday (February 17) morning. "2 all prod. Sendin' beats 2 me u have 3 days left…I'm not happy about the shit yall been sendin'..We give a chance a and ur not goin' in'!!! WORK!!!!"

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