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Busta Rhymes Talks About Release Tuesday

Posted By on May 20, 2009

    As we all know, yesterday besides Busta Rhyme's new album, new LPs from big names like Eminem, Method Man and Redman all hit stores on the same day. Busta recently talked about his "Back On My B.S." album hitting stores the same day as other big acts. [watch here]

    "I just feel phenomenal right now. I’m excited. It’s 24 hours before my birthday, it’s the day of my release date. It’s Malcolm X’s birthday. It’s one of the greatest days in hip-hop. As far as retail, this the biggest day of the year as far as album releases — Lionel Richie, Ruben Studdard, Eminem, Redman and Method Man, DJ Drama, me. Green Day, it’s a whole lot of albums in different genres of music." [watch here]

    Busta continued "It’s just good to see that everybody who’s in that studio working is finally at that same crossroad.. We’re kinda reminding people that music is one of the most important elements in the entire world of entertainment. It’s still the face of entertainment. [watch here]

    Eminem – "Relapse" –  Download on iTunes | Buy @ Amazon
    Method Man & Redman – "Blackout! 2" –  Download on iTunes | Buy @ Amazon
    Busta Rhymes – "Back On My B.S." –  Download on iTunes | Buy @ Amazon

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