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Busta Rhymes Talks About Leaving Dr Dre

Posted By on May 28, 2009

    We all know that Busta Rhymes left Dr Dre's Aftermath label but until now he hasn't really said why. In a new interview the Flipmode bossman detailed why he decided to leave. [watch here] "My problem was certain things I know through my experience of
professionally recording that was supposed to be facilitated wasn't
being facilitated…I've sold many multiple platinum albums and have
had a very successful career run before I got over there. I just wanted
to get back to sitting behind the wheel, controlling my own destiny." [watch here]

    Although that sounds bad, Busta says there isn't any bad blood. [watch here] "When that situation didn't feel like it was going the way I wanted it to go, the false starts, I said You know what, maybe this album ain't the one I should be coming with right now…I was able to grow comfortably before I got to Aftermath and Interscope, not to say there's anything wrong with my relationship with Dre or Jimmy." [watch here]

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