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Busta Says Diddy Helped Change His Rhyme Style

Posted By on June 1, 2009

    Busta Rhymes recently talked about how Diddy helped to influence his rapping style change. [watch here] Busta says the change "was a combination of not really the wider audience, it was more
directed towards the women," as he remembed a studio session with Diddy. [watch here]

    "Like one day, me, Diddy and Q-Tip were in the studio and I tell people this story on a regular basis, like motherf*cker, Diddy was being a a**hole with me in the studio trying to f*cking pop off joke sh*t. But he said something that stuck with me and Q-Tip was kinda saying the same sh*t to me. And Puff said 'Yo Busta, b*tches don't wanna go rowwl rowwwl like a dungeon dragon with you on every f*cking record. Calm that sh*t down man. Try to spit on a song where you articulate your sh*t clearer and f*cking use your regular voice. What the f*ck is the screaming all the time on the record? B*tches don't find that sh*t sexy.' I was like, 'Yo f*ck you n*gga,' and ultimately, I went home and thought about the sh*t and then I also felt I wasn't gonna just do this sh*t because they told me to do it, I gotta do that sh*t 'cause it feels right to me." [watch here]

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