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Busta Rhymes Clears Up NORE Situation (Video)

Posted By on June 27, 2011

     New York rapper Busta Rhymes has come forward to clear up exactly what the situation is with fellow rapper N.O.R.E. and his Conglomerate Records. After saying NORE had become a part of the "family," Busta says NORE is not signed to Conglomerate but they do have a partnership.

"I didn't really sign N.O.R.E. to the Conglomerate," Busta said in an interview. "We did a business partnership, because N.O.R.E. already got Militainment poppin'. He got his own company, he CEO of his own sh*t already. So when we decided to come together, it was a merging of the company, a merging of the brands, a merging of the corporations and just forming a more powerful conglomerate. It's really a Conglomerate/Militainment thing." (Swaggatory)

     In related news, Busta Rhymes credited the new partnership with N.O.R.E. to their long-time friendship.

"The whole N.O.R.E. situation came about because we got a friendship that he's like one of my brothers, one of my closest comrades in this music sh*t," Busta added. "It was pretty much an organic thing. We always been a part of each other's development and career growth…So we just finally decided as brethren, usually friends help each other secure the win." (Swaggatory)

Busta Rhymes – Talks Details Of Signing NORE