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Busta & Rick Ross Talk Obama’s Nobel Prize

Posted By on October 13, 2009

    Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross recently shared their reactions to President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win last week, expressing how significant it is. Busta Rhymes thinks that President Obama deserves the recognition due to his accomplishments while in office. "It feels great," Busta said about Obama winning the award. "Everything about Barack Obama, since he's been brought to the awareness level of the people, the politician has been great to me. I ain't really see him make a wrong chess move yet. And I ain't looking forward to him making a wrong chess move but so many right chess moves he has made, we leave room for error. So if he made one, he get a pass on that. He ain't made one yet as far as I'm concerned. Everything feels like it's growing, getting better and it's going in a direction that we want it to go in." [Busta Rhymes Talks Barack's Prize – Watch Here]

    Ricky Ross gave his opinion, stating the obvious. "Nah, that's big for Barack Obama you know what I'm saying," Ross explained. "It's big for the first black president. And the Nobel Peace Prize, that's huge, you know what I'm talking about? So big ups to Barack." [Rick Ross – Talks Barack Obama's Peace Prize – Watch Here]

Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross – Talk Obama Nobel Peace Prize