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Busta Rhymes Introduces Reek Da Villain (Video)

Posted By on November 11, 2010

     Busta Rhyme's new protege (coming out of Long Island), Reek Da Villain, is making a lot of noise in New York. "I'm just blessed, because being a new person in the game, I'm rapping with guys that are already solidified and stars," Reek told MTV's Mixtape Daily. "And the way they greet me and treat me, as if I'm a regular. I'm going around being around thugs on the block, and now it's a bunch of guys that are millionaires and superstars that are becoming a part of my day-to-day."

     With goals to be like past artists from Long Island like De La Soul, Rakim, Public Enemy and Keith Murray, Reek Da Villain says "Back when I was growing up, it was beautiful, 'cause you could be in your town and see someone like a Busta Rhymes or Rakim come through. Now it's like a deserted land. We haven't had an artist in the game since Keith Murray. It's not pressure, but I got a lot of weight on my shoulders," finishing up by saying "We really just trying to heat up the momentum and build up the steam," Reek said. "So when my big homie gets ready to head into these offices, he can throw some weight around."

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