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Busta Rhymes Reaches His Breaking Point

Posted By on December 3, 2009

    Busta Rhymes is starting to build hype for his upcoming new movie "Breaking Point," calling the movie "incredible" and even announced the release date as this Friday (December 4th). Hitting up his Twitter account, Busta Buss talked about how he feels about the new flick. "New movie "The Breaking Point" in theatres Dec.4th…This Friday!!! Starring Armand Assante, Tom Berringer and myself!!!F*cking incredible!!!," he wrote Thursday (December 3). "Once again my new movie will b in theatres Dec.4th called "THE BREAKING POINT" starring Armand Assante, Tom Berringer, and myself..KRAZZZZY! Real talk I just wanna salute all a my twitter family on the check in 2night.I'm excited cause I just left a premier 4 my new movie 2night!! The name of th movie once again is called "THE BREAKING POINT" starring Armand Assante, Tom Berringer and myself!!!!Sh*t is KRAZZY, TRUST!!" [Breaking Point – Movie Trailer – Watch Here]

    The new movie will also co-star Sticky Fingaz. Steven Luisi (Berenger), plays a disgraced former assistant district attorney and recovering addict seeking redemption by defending an accused murderer. Luisi's path to clearing his client's name leads him to a dangerous thug (Busta Rhymes) and the crime's sole witness (Sticky Fingaz), who is also the thug's onetime henchman and latest target. Corrupt public officials, ghetto kids dreaming of a better life, a flawed hero with a dead daughter on his conscience. [Busta Rhymes, Sticky Fingaz – Breaking Point Trailer – Watch Now]

Breaking Point – Movie Trailer