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Busta Rhymes Misses 7 Hearings; Owes Fan 75k

Posted By on December 7, 2009

    Busta Rhymes missed his court date earlier this month so the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff forcing Busta Buss to pay $75,000 in the assault case. According to multiple reports, Busta Rhymes has missed close to ten hearings in this paticular case. Busta's lawyer Anthony Xanthakis argued that he wasn't properly notified of the case and that's why he missed so many hearings but Supreme Court Justice Donald Kurtz didn't agree. "It looks like we busted up Busta's rhyme," lawyer Ron Hart said, who represented the injured fan Alex Duncan, a 32-year-old Albany resident.

    The Brooklyn judge ordered Busta Rhymes to pay $75,000 to a man who claimed Busta assaulted him at a concert back in 2003 in Albany, New York. Alex Duncan says when he got up to leave the show, Busta exchanged words with him, splashed him with water and threw two other bottles of water at him.