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Busta Works With Swizz & Rockwilder On Chemo

Posted By on December 17, 2009

    Busta Rhymes continues to update his fans by giving them a taste of what his upcoming "Chemo" album might sound like as the rapper said it will feature production from hit-producers Swizz Beatz and Rockwilder. Busta Bust took to his Twitter account to let all his fans know he plans to make "history" with the New York producers. [Busta Rhymes – Talks Swizz Beatz & Rockwilder Beatz For New Album – Watch Here]

    "Rockwilder, Swizz Beatzzz, Busabus!!!!What the f*ck yall think is happening in the studio right now!!UN"F*CKIN'"DESCRIBABLE!! THE CHEMO!!!," he wrote Wednesday (December 16) night. "WHEN I TELL U TED SMOOTH JUST SENT ME A F*CKIN' MOSTER 4 THE ALBUM!!!!!STRAIGHT F*CKIN' CLASSIC SH*T!!!!SWIZZ, ROCKWILDER, NOW TED SMOOTH!!! CHRISTMAS IS ARRIVING REAL EARLY 4 ME OUT THIS MU'F*CKA!!!!!DREADY U GOTTA GET BACK 2 THE STATES BRUDDAH…SH*T IS F*CKIN' KRAZY OUT HERE!!! @djmikesessions U already know big homie!!!We makin' history in this b*tch…Ted Smooth,Swizz Beatzzz, Rockwilder and now Jerry Wonder!!SICK." [Busta Rhymes – Picks Beats From Swizz & Rockwilder – Watch Here]

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