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Busta Rhymes New Conglomerate Records Details

Posted By on December 30, 2010

      With 50 Cent recently opening up G-Note Records, it looks like Busta Rhymes is following in the direction with the new announcement that he has formed his Conglomerate Records company, adding who exactly is on the label.

"I've officially launched a new record label called Conglomerate Records," Busta informed SOHH. "My new artist is incredibly buzzing in the streets right now. He goes by the name of Reek Da Villian. He currently has a mixtape out that we just officially released. We officially released it on Christmas Eve. I got several artists. I have an artist by the name of Lonnie B, he has a mixtape out right now called Love Games Part 1. I also have another artist by the name of J. Dough. He's got a mixtape called Mr. Better Than Whoever. I have an artist that's the niece of [70's Blaxploitation actress] Pam Grier, her name is Nikki Grier. She has an incredible mixtape album out right now called Soulgasm." (SOHH)


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