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Busta Rhymes Speaks On B.I.G.

Posted By on March 12, 2007

Some say the greatest died on March 9. being that today is March 9, why not look back on his career? Recently, Busta Rhymes and other celebrities spoke up about the legendary MC.
Me, Big and Jay-Z went to school together. Big wasn't even rhyming then, he was just hustling. So it was weird to see him become so incredible lyrically when he was the last one to become an MC. He was the first one to have the biggest success," Busta Rhymes told MTV of his old friend.

"My last moment with Big was out of town, Jay-Z was staying in that same hotel. Jay-Z wasn't there but Big was laying on the bed. The whole crew was there. He said, "Yo. My favorite MC, the most dangerous MC, is Jay-Z." I said, "What?" Jay-Z had Reasonable Doubt. Big was at 2 million with Ready to Die, but he still felt that Jay-Z was the dude to keep your eye on," he added.
Busta also noted BIG's status in the game in such a short time.
"It takes most people a lifetime career to establish what he established with one album."

Chris Rock also spoke on the legendary Brooklyn MC.
"Ready to Die, parts of it are really classic! I used to see Biggie outside of McDonald's on Fulton Street [in Brooklyn] all the time. He never drove — it was always somebody driving him. This was around the time "Juicy" came out."