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Busta Rhymes Suit Faults Aftermath As Well

Posted By on August 8, 2007

Why do people always sue the parent company? It's money and nothing but, which shows that they aren't wanting justice they are wanting money, period. Aftermath doesn't have anything to do with this.

According to Mark Kressner & HipHopDX.com, attorney of 20-year old Roberto Lebron, who was allegedly attacked by Busta Rhymes for reportedly spitting on his car, the record labels that Busta is associated with are as much to blame as he is.

Specifically, the suit claims that all nine of Rhymes' bodyguards, and the record labels Interscope Geffen A&M, Universal Music Group Recordings and Aftermath Entertainment are also responsible for Busta's actions. The suit says that Busta's new hardcore image was "designed for publicity, marketing and profit purposes to be rogue, rude, aggressive, misbehaving, challenging, confrontational, disrespectful and, at times, criminal," according to MTV news.

The suit also claims that the labels "utilized the unlawful and illegal behavior and promoted the image created as part of its marketing campaign." According to Kressner, "Trevor Smith would never hit anybody — but big shot Busta Rhymes puts on his Batman costume and he hits people…you have an entire industry that wants to sell violence to 10-year-old kids, and they're very happy to encourage and promote it."

The lawsuit maintains that Busta's persona was "established and maintained using the economic, marketing and publicity resources" of his labels, who fostered his "callous disregard for life, safety, freedom and liberty on the general public, for their monetary profit and to the detriment of the public in general."

The suit further alleges that Rhymes' security guards were hired "to protect, serve, foster and promote the public persona of 'Busta Rhymes,' in order to enhance the monetary profits of all defendants."