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Spliff Starr Leaving Busta Rhymes?

Posted By on November 26, 2007

The best hypeman in the past 10 years ditching arguably the best live performer in rap right now? After an Internet interview last week with Rampage, rumors have abounded that Spliff Starr left Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad. Ramp said himself, Spliff, Rah Digga and Baby Cham were starting a new camp called the Famous Millionaires Squad.

Insert the sound effect for the buzzer signaling a wrong answer. Ehhhhhn. Not only is Spliff still performing with Bust, the two are making music together as the Flipmode Squad.

"I don't know what the f— Rampage is talking about," Spliff said last week. "I know me, Rampage, Rah Digga and Baby Cham, everybody is doing their side things. Spliff Star is Flipmode though. Because not only is Busta my CEO and the boss of the sh–, that's my brother. I'm not about all that 'Busta ain't down.' I'm down with everything Busta does, just like he's down with everything I do. … And all that Rampage said about Busta and the cops, all that is bullsh–. … Besides that, me and Busta are still rocking. I'm a loyal cat. Robin won't leave Batman. Me and Busta are Batman and Robin."

Busta e-mailed us a statement about the project: "Flipmode is the next movement."

While Busta works on his next Aftermath release, Spliff is recording his independent debut, About Time. "Busta be acting like he don't got a deal," Spliff said, noting Rhymes' hunger. "He works hard. His album is crazy now, man. Him and Pharrell just did a monster. We just did a show last night in Denver — us, Chamillionaire and E-40. After the show, Busta and E-40 was in a hotel working on [recording software] Pro Tools, and they have a banger. And guess who produced it? 40's son Droopie. No samples either.

"Later on, I have a street album coming called Contraband, which is on my own label, Paper Route Records. That's coming out on Flipmode/ Paper Route," he continued.

Queens' own Superstar Jay just finished the new Flipmode mixtape called The Full Course Meal. "Well, Flipmode is me, Busta and Wreak the Villain," Spliff Starr added about the street CD. "We have all original beats on there. It's strictly hot street sh–."

"It's five tracks with Busta, another five with Spliff and five with Wreak the Villain," Jay elaborated.

Jay, who also dropped the mixtape I Own the Streets, is putting together his May album, Why Not. He says it will be a sample-free LP but promises to have dope tracks nonetheless. "You're going to have G-Unit on there, Kool G Rap, LL, Diplomats. A whole lot of people, man. Trey Songz."