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Cam’ron On DipSet Reunion “If The Moneys Right”

Posted By on March 2, 2009

    Cam'ron recently talke about a Dipset reunion, saying exactly what it would take to make it happen [watch here]. First Cam'ron discussed what his role and position is with Dipset saying "As far as the Diplomats, I'm a majority owner of the Diplomats. The role I am is the CEO. As far as with my friends, you talking about Jim [Jones], they also have ownership in the company, also." [watch here]     
    When it comes to a reunion, Cam says if the money is green, things will grow "I mean, right now…For me, if the money's right, I'll do [a reunion]. It's all about having the right money and making sure everything's cool. Just to do it just to do it would be kinda phony. You know, if the money's right, we can put anything into motion. But the money's gotta be right." [watch here]

    In related news, Cam'ron recently released his new video from his upcoming "Crime Pays" album. "I Used To Get It In Ohio" [watch here] is the first single from Cam'ron's sixth studio album so make sure you [watch here]

Cam'ron Talks About Dipset Reunion Says He Will Do It If The Money Is Right