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Camron Says He’s Responsible For Byrd & Skull Gang

Posted By on May 4, 2009

    He is the ultimate confident rapper, so it's no surprise that Cam'ron is taking credit for pretty much everything. In a new interview, the Dipset leader talked about his role in the careers of Jim Jones and Juelz Santana even claiming that he is responsible for the creation of their rap groups Byrd Gang and Skull Gang. [watch here]

    During a new interview, Cam'ron said his business deals are the reason that the Byrd Gang and Skull Gang's were able to be created. "At the end of the day, that's the f*ck people's problem is, how the f*ck I'ma feel a part of something that I own," Cam said referring to Dipset. "People be confused…I own it. Are 'they' part of Dipset? See, what you gotta realize, there wouldn't be a bunch of Skull Gang, Byrd Gang if they could exclude me from Dipset. They wouldn't be making up all these other names if you could kick me outta Dipset. I own Dipset so you could never kick me out of Dipset." [watch here]

Cam'ron Takes Credit For Byrd & Skull Gang Starts