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Camron Ready To Make Classic Mixtape

Posted By on May 4, 2010

     Although he just reunited with Jim Jones and plans to drop a new Dipset album this year, Cam'ron also says he plans to drop a "classic" mixtape with DJ Holiday. "Me and Cam need to do something … a Holiday Season or something. I know you know the brand," the DJ said, referring to his popular mixtape series. "I could do a mixtape in three hours," Cam challenged. "Let's stop talking and do it." He continued "I can block out about four hours, and we knock out a Holiday Season and make a classic," Holiday said. "I know you make mixtapes with everybody, but when you do one with the kid, it's a little different experience."

     "I just dropped that [Gucci Mane mixtape] Burrprint HD. It's in stores right now. We did 20,000 first week; #1 on iTunes. At the end of the day, we finnin' to make a movie," Holiday said. Gucci "gets home in probably about 10 days, so you already know we taking over, 10 days. Writing's on the Wall 2: The Appeal coming soon. I'm trying to win, man."

Camron – Says Hes Ready To Make A Classic Mixtape



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