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Camron Says He Almost Retired From Rap

Posted By on May 12, 2009

    Cam'ron is the latest rapper to talk about retiring, but the Dipset leader says he only thought about it. "It was a time when I was thinking about that, before my moms got sick," Cam admitted. [watch here] "I was like, ‘All right, I got everybody off the ground. I kinda been doing this for a while. Let me fall back and maybe look into some other things.’" [watch here]

    Cam says even though he thought about quitting, he couldn't stop writing. "During that time period, I’d be somewhere eating, thinking of some rhymes. Or I’d be in my living room, thinking of some rhymes. I can’t stop even if I wanted to stop," he explained. [watch here]  "It doesn’t matter where I’m at — if I’m somewhere sitting still for more than an hour, rhymes start popping in my head. … It’s just kinda instilled in me."

    Just when you thought all Cam'ron does is talk about how good he is, Cam finished by saying "I’m just privileged to still be around," he said. [watch here] "You got people that come in, one album, two albums, and they’re gone. A lot of people couldn’t take the break I took and come back into the game and people be checking for them. People would be like, ‘F— him.’ That’s the one thing I did realize taking this break, how much love I got. When you constantly working, working, you don’t really get to appreciate the fans and people loving your stuff. Places I went to where I didn’t even know people listen to rap, there were [fans] that would be like, ‘Please come back.’ " [watch here]

Cam'ron Says He Almost Retired From Rap