Cam’ron Grants Vado Freedom To Be Creative

Cam’ron Grants Vado Freedom To Be Creative

     Cam'ron's right hand man and protege Vado recently spoke about their relationship and how the new Dipset leader have given him complete freedom to make any music he wants. Vado also talks about how he and Cam'ron started their U.N. crew. "That n*gga believes in me, man," Vado said in an interview. "He knows talent. When you know talent, you just let it do me. He let me do me in the booth. He doesn't tell me how to rap, format, nothing. It's like mafia sh*t, you know what I'm saying? He respects that I have my own team, I was making my own noise doing what I had to do, so he invited me to the table. He already had a table and that's how we came up with the U.N. Everybody's at the big round table. He pulled out a chair for me and it's been mafia sh*t ever since."

Camron – Grants Vado Creative Freedom



Vado ft Camron – Speakin In Tungs (Behind The Scenes)


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