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Camron & Mase Have More Songs Together

Posted By on July 15, 2009

    After nearly ten years apart, Cam'ron and Mase say that they have even more songs together coming soon. [watch here] Miss Info says that the duo's "Get It" [listen here] track that hit last week is just the beginning. "This is part of a bigger project' is what I was told," Info said. [watch here] "What was so shocking is that no one's really seen them together or anything like that…Nobody knew they squashed some of their old disputes. But behind the scenes, they had resolved their issues, and they've been friends for a little while now…[Cam] also told me this isn't the only record that they've done…Last year, they got together, they played ball, in Jersey or somewhere like that, from what I understand. The friendship has already been in the works, which is what I like about how this record came outta nowhere. It's not a fabricated publicity stunt, which is what some people were thinking it was. They didn't get together only for a record. They were already friends." [watch here]

    In related news, in the song from the two New York rappers that hit last week "Get It" [listen here] Mase says "You ain't see this one coming," on the song's intro. [listen here] "Man we so hungry…Harlem, Killa. Do it now. We're back for sure, the black Lyor/Chicks wanna sip from any glass I pour/Louis dress shirt, Gucci expert/My net worth make chicks wanna network…Bounce like a baby from a roof top/Or find me in the lair/Flying in the air, fine designer wear/diamonds in my ear, drama I don't wanna hear…they like if I come back I get 50 percent, nah, if I come back I need Diddy percent." [listen here]

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