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Camron Talks Relationship With Mase & Jay-Z

Posted By on October 20, 2009

    Cam'ron, the long-time Dipset leader, recently spoke about his relationship with Mase and Jay-Z, saying despite their differences in the past, he has respect for Jay-Z's business skills. According to Cam'ron, he has no relationship with Jay-Z but cannot doown his former Roc-A-Fella labelmate's financial success. [Cam'ron Talks About His Relationship With Mase & Jay-Z – Watch Here]

    "I heard Mase, I just got back in town, I was in Florida," Cam said about Mase's buzz as of late. "Shout-out to Mase, I wish him luck…I ain't got no problems with Jay-Z. On the real, I don't even f*ck with Jay-Z, but I got mad respect for the n*gga. Anybody who make money, got a million dollars to their name, I respect anybody who make money. I respect MC Hammer when Hammer was getting money. Personally? I don't really know the n*gga, I f*cked with Dame [Dash] and Biggs. But I ain't got no problems." [Cam'ron Says He Doesn't Have A Problem With Jay-Z – Watch Here]

Camron – Talks About His Relationship With Jay-Z