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Camron Comes Out Of Hiding

Posted By on November 2, 2007

After virtually disappearing from the public eye this summer, Dipset front man Cam'ron is back and is giving his two cents on fellow Diplomat Jim Jones and the reason for his absence.

After releasing a home made video clip to YouTube warning rival 50 Cent that it was going to be a "hot summer," Cam went into exile. The Harlemite told radio personality Miss Info that around that time, his mother had several strokes, resulting in her being paralyzed on her left side. The rapper then apparently moved his mother to Florida and arranged for her rehabilitation and therapy.

Killa also said that he took a little time away to get his business in order. He said that he and his label, Asylum, were having differences but have since resolved them.

"We recently worked things out," Cam said. "We had a conversation with the lawyers and with Todd (Moscowitz), so now we're straight. I wasn't gonna drop the mixtape until that happened…."

Cam said that even though things were fine as far as his mother's health, he still staggered his return and instead opted to examine the way those around him behaved.

"Even when I had my mom situated, she had the help she needs, the physical therapy, everything was right-that was like a month ago-I still laid low, because when I come out it's gonna be done it right," he said. "But I just sat back and bugged out at how everyone else was acting. I heard all the rumors, mad felonious s–t, fake s–t. And I would tell n—-s, my moms just had a stroke, and they'd be like 'Oh, ok, so are you still coming through?' Fam, what is wrong with you?"

"I ain't talked to nobody, but I kept hearing all these stories," he continued. "Cam was in a car crash. Cam was begging for a deal. Some hood DVD dudes were up on [140th St] to try to find me. Folks were asking for interviews. I'm like Bigfoot, its crazy!"

Never one to not have new material on hand, the Dipset boss said that he is gearing up to drop a double mixtape, "Public Enemy #1," as a precursor to his next full-length effort, which is set to drop in either February or March of 2008. The mixtape, which will be available next week for free, is dropping the day after fellow crew member Jim Jones' mixtape. Though he says he's back, Cam says he still hasn't spoken to his longtime friend.

"I still haven't spoken to Jim," he said. "But Jim ran with me for over 10 yrs, he worked hard, and I wish him the best of luck. Everybody thinks I'm mad at Jim. Why am I mad? I told people for years that Jimmy was gonna be a star. So it's better on my resume…I wish him the best. The only thing is, him being with 50, I can't really run with that. Hang out with who you want to hang out…but me, I can't really do nothing like that."

The ever controversial rapper also said that he will address his previous beefs on the latest mixtape but will not dwell on his rivals.

"I make a comment but I keep it moving. On the first joint, I talk for like 6 minutes. I still get at 50. The Tru Life s–t. I clear that s–t up. And I also address the NYPD, the Intel squad…How they dragged me in during the whole Jay-Z and 50 Cent beef and tried to get me to talk about them….all that @#!*."