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Cam’ron Shoots 50 Cent Diss Video In Harlem

Posted By on February 13, 2007

Footage of Cam'ron making a video for "Cuurtis," his retaliatory song to 50 Cent's diss video "Funeral Music," has leaked onto the internet.

The bad blood between both artists sparked after they got into an argument on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show two weeks ago.

50 would throw the first blow releasing the "Funeral Music" video on Friday (February 9). The clip featured a hearse with the words "Cam'ron's Career" written on it and mocked the rapper's shooting in Washington D.C. last year.

Cam would respond the following day with "Cuurtis," which took shots at 50's appearance and stressed that the G-Unit honcho is a snitch.

The footage shows Cam'ron rapping in front of a Harlem building surrounded by a crowd echoing "Cuurtis".

"It's official, we don't call the police 'squalie' no more, we call them Curtis," says the video's narrator pointing at a police car near the taping of the clip.

"Jay-Z bodied, Nasir bodied, Mase bodied, Curtis bodied," Cam'ron told DJ Kay Slay in a recent radio interview after his diss song hit airwaves. "The Curtis thing really got to him. He gotta do something now, I'm ready to go."