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Mannie Fresh & B.G. Talk Hot Boys Reunion

Posted By on April 17, 2009

    Mannie Fresh, the former producer for Cash Money, recently talked about the possible Hot Boys reunion saying that the albums production is very important. Although he says "I think we close to finishing [the deal]," Mannie says why the new "sound" is so vital stating "My thing is, I'm bent on it being a classic. Like, what can I do to make this great? The Hot Boys got a sound, without that sound, what is it worth? I still think these dudes are great rappers and I still think they on their game, but it gotta be something like… I ain't saying that we gotta take our time because that ain't never been us, but it's gotta be right."

    Hot Boys member B.G. recently talked about the collaboration album and Lil Wayne's influence on getting the group back together. "It's gonna be all the original members, it's gonna be me, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Turk is supposed to be coming home March 16th," B.G. said in an interview. "We're gonna do it regardless because the streets keep asking for it…Mannie Fresh created the Hot Boys sound; it's only right that Mannie Fresh gives us that heat…Wayne made the deal; he came to us. He had a deal for a soundtrack, and he wanted to make it a Hot Boys soundtrack. He reached out to me and Juvenile…Before the reunion album, we're gonna' do an album which is inspired by a motion picture."