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Cash Money Case Against Drama Dropped

Posted By on July 10, 2009

    DJ Drama won in court recently against Cash Money Records. Lil Wayne's record label had their lawsuit against Drama and the Aphilliates for copyright infringement thrown out. A federal judge dropped the case saying that Cash Money failed to clearly state any causes of action but Cash Money has until September 9th to re-file the lawsuit if they wish to continue the complaint.

    Saying it was simply a matter of "business," DJ Drama recently talked about the lawsuit. "If anybody looks at the paperwork, they'll see it's just more than DJ Drama and Lil Wayne," Drama said. "It's other parties involved and what have you. I knew that from the top. When it broke, those guys Makin Moves Entertainment and they are deejays who were also served, they had their feelings on the situation, shout-out to them. I have no type of negative things to say about them, they went about it in a way that they felt was necessary for them…Me and Wayne have had a rocky road at times but it's bigger than DJ Drama and Lil Wayne and that's the thing I wanted to get across even with my first statement. I've spoken to Baby since then, we've got on the phone, with the e-mail and me and him will moved forward with the situation. Now it's to the point there's attorneys involved and legal matters so now it's not as cut and dry as me and Baby saying 'Okay cool, it's over.' I don't have anything negative to say about those guys. Shout-out to Cash Money, shout-out to Wayne, Baby…It's business. I did a lot for Lil Wayne's career. Wayne did a lot for my career."