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Baby To Launch The Birdman With Lugz

Posted By on February 23, 2004

Bryan “Baby” Williams has inked a deal with Lugz and will create his own signature athletic shoe called “The Birdman.”

A special “bling bling” Cash Money Stack Clip will be included with every Birdman shoe, which will retail for $70.00.

“Lugz definitely has their ear to the streets,” Williams said. “They have a handle on what hip-hop culture is and what fans really want. The Birdman sneaker reflects my own personal style. And this is just the beginning. Believe that!!”

The shoe was conceptualized by Lugz Executive Vice President, Larry Schwartz. Schwartz approached Baby and felt that the rapper was a perfect fit to endorse his own brand of shoe.

“Baby is one of the most influential hip-hop artists of today. He has sold millions of albums and his fan base is
worldwide,” Schwartz said. “We are really excited about this new partnership and expect to make a major impact in the marketplace.”

A full marketing campaign will be launched around the shoe, which will debut across the United States in May.

Source: AllHipHop.com