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BG not Returning, Yet

Posted By on May 31, 2003

With rumors flying around that the Hot Boys are gonna reunite, and with the return of Juvenile to Cash Money Records reported a while back, BG is still not falling back into the same boat he was in before. The rumors are totally false according to BG.

The budding businessman retorted with “F*ck no” and offered no further elaboration.

Currently the rapper has a number of upcoming lawsuits against Cash Money as he maintains that he has not received any royalty payments for his tour of duty with Baby and Slim Williams. According to B.G. he has yet to be properly compensated for his contributions to the recently released Hot Boy’s album, Let Em Burn and a number of other past projects.

However, B.G. hinted that he would be party to an official Hot Boys reunion, “if the money was right.”

While he has no intention of returning to Cash Money he was stunned that Juvenile did go back after taking such a rebellious stance against the multimillion dollar making label.

“I was kinda shocked, but f**k it, he doing him and I’m doing me. I mean, after all we done been through, I don’t understand why, but f**k it, that’s the decision he made. I hope he know what he doin’,” said B.G. to AllHipHop.com.

But, he insisted, he is not angry. “I ain’t even much trippin’ off of it, I ain’t got no beef with him, that’s his decision and I ain’t worrying about nothing but me and mine.”

Progressively, B.G. is focusing on the promotion of his seventh album, Livin’ Legend , and preparing for the release of his brother Hakim’s debut album, Street Poetry, slated to be released this summer on Chopper City Records.