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Cashis Talks Drug Problems & Eminem’s Help

Posted By on May 18, 2011

     Shady Records own Cashis recently came forward to come clean about his past struggles with drug addiction over the past few years, which resulted in him being put in prison. According to the rapper, even Shady Records' CEO, Eminem, reached out to him to help him kick the habit.

"First time I met Em, in the studio in Detroit, I had a vial of like 80 Valiums and I popped em all in like a day and a half. He was like "D*mn, dog you might wanna get some help. Let me know, I can help you out, discretely,' " the rapper explained. "I was like 'Nah man. Where I'm from, what would I look like?' I got off it my own, and later on, I found out — like the rest of the world — Em was getting off of it. During that time, I just quit talking to everybody dog. I didn't talk to no friends, family." (Baller Status)

     After Cashis was able to avoid prison time for a criminal charge, he realized his mistakes and aimed at becoming clean.

"For a minute, I felt like I was untouchable," Cashis added. "I thought, like, I done came from the gutter, came from nothing, I was sleeping on park benches, I done been to jail; I been selling crack, selling dummy bags; all kinds of sh** I got going on, and I was making it just on street sh**, without no legal money. Now that I had finally got into the game, can't nobody touch me. I don't know what the curve ball was, but at that point, instead of me recognizing I was moving too fast, I moved faster 'cause I just took it on the street tip. I caught a gang of cases, and it forced me to be at home for like 7, 8 months. I just stayed at home, I couldn't really go out of my area. That changed my whole sh**." (Baller Status)


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