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Exclusive Cashis Interview

Posted By on June 27, 2009

There are rumors going around that you had been dropped from Shady Records. You recently put out a statement saying that wasn't true, do you know where these rumors came from?

yeah,some lame-o's! L7 squarez, who don't exist to anyone of importance, no matter what…

It's a small group of girlymen, that wanted my attention, and they jus put me bacc in the public eye, appreciate it bruh…  The rumor itself was, laughable at best. Considering, I'm the only 1 of us in the Cracc a bottle video, come on bro, King Mathers jus dropped the illest Lp in 4 years. It's my time to fully surface in the mainstream market. There is no reason to go anywhere,ever. We all have to wait our turn for succession. And in the meantime, build up the buzz and awareness of the Shady Records camp, and each artist individually.  I feel that, with no question, I have done that, and that errbody knows where my loyalty is and how important that is 2 me.  Marshall,Dart, Paul, Tracy, and Marc found me, signed me, took me in, and gave me a Capo seat in this organization, and gave me hope for a future, I thought would've met demisal, by now, there is nowhere else 4 me 2 go, but the casket or urn next.   And even then, I'll still b Shady…..

It seems now with the internet being what it is anyone can say anything and it spreads almost like fact. Do you think its a good or bad thing that things like this can get so much coverage?

I think it's a great thing, because it sheds light on the artist, even when there is no new music 2 cover.  And nit also, shows the artist, that they are important, in the field they work in. Each lie can be debunked. Each truth can be uncovered. And at the end of the day, your name is at the top of the headlines, and you can drop a massive record that will actually be heard at that point.

We recently posted your new mixtape "The Leak vol 2. Get Ready," can you tell us what you have planned next?

We just dropped What up, with Chamillionaire and Carlito Rossi, which is getten a great response. I have a mixtape,prelude 2 Euthanasia droppen Monday,a new record, produced by Komplex, called "bigga than me". which is the buzz single from the euthanasia digital lp, droppen 2day. And a mixtape with the homebwoi DJ Woogie,titled bogish boy vol. 6 point starz and cocced hats, droppen on 7-4-09.  And most importantly, I'm goin bacc n the studio, with Em soon, to finish up The Art of Dyen… which drops after 50 drops, Before I Self Destruct, And I feel it will certify me, as the hip hop version of E.A. Poe…., along with re-releasing the limited edition Countyhound e.p, and the countyhound 2 e.p.  I'm off bail now, and I'm jus taken time to spend with my kids, and buy baby gear 4 my new lil boy Ramone #4,  who's due anyday now.  Also I'm finishen up Usual Suspects, with my G ,Carlito Rossi, And Me and Young De, are bot, to do Homeland Security 2…And u know how we do with those projects.  Also, me and my homebwoi Freeway,are gunna do a whole original 12 song album, that will drop this year also.  I hope ya'll ready, cuz I'm on a serious pace right now, I've improved,and so has the people around me, so the music overall is great, and I'm amped bot getten the music 2 the people…R.I.P. M.J., and props to Game and errbody that's on the record 4 folks… I applaud that. R.I.P. also to 1 of the folks, Toons, we  miss u, bos love til the world blow, u took the 6 up to heaven 4 all of us……Ca$h

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