Cee-Lo Surprised & Confused By Grammy Nods

Cee-Lo Surprised & Confused By Grammy Nods

     Rapper slash singer Cee-Lo Green recently discussed the upcoming Grammy Awards, which he will be performing at. Speaking about his "F*ck You" song being nominated for both "Record Of The Year" and "Song Of The Year," Cee-Lo talked about not knowing the difference between the two.

"And I'll be honest, I don't even know the difference between the two," Cee-Lo explained in an interview. "But I was really surprised by the whole thing. I didn't even know the song could be considered. The song was only out for a short while [before it got nominated] but I guess it performed well enough for it to be considered. I guess I was just surprised anyone noticed." (VIBE)

Cee-Lo Green – Fuck You



Cee-Lo Green – Its Ok


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