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Chamillionaire Leaves Universal Records Venom Shelved

Posted By on January 17, 2011

     Chamillionaire and Universal Records have parted ways. After years of pushbacks on his third album "Venom" enough was enough and Cham was ready to leave Universal whether that ment he got to keep any tracks from that project or not.

“I think nowadays labels feel rap doesn’t sell that much, pop does. So what they are doing is they are trying to turn rappers into that,” Cham said in an interview. “‘You infiltrated pop culture with ‘Ridin Dirty,‘ now do it again.’ That’s what they wanted me to be, and if I came in with something that was more me, they wouldn’t support. But ‘Ridin Dirty‘ wasn’t a pop record – it was myself.”

“It got to the point where I just refused to put out a project if it wasn’t going to be right. I decided to pause – I went cold. I knew if I did that I had a better chance of getting off [the label],” Cham added. “I was fighting against this company and it was just an abusive relationship. It wasn’t beneficial for either of us…I have a better way to monetize – I have a plan and that’s why I don’t want to bash my major [label] all day. I don’t hate [Universal] and I’m glad they let me out [of my deal] because I have an innovative way to [make money now].”

Chamillionaire on UStream discussing label departure and Venom