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Chamillionaire Says Copy-Cats Should Be Slapped

Posted By on February 17, 2011

     Houston's own Chamillionaire recently spoke about artists who copy one another and how every rapper should avoid any and all close-calls to help avoid the quality of music declining. Chamillionaire says once a hit record gets popular, many come forward to try and copy it.

"I love how Wiz Khalifa just came into the game with his own lane," Cham explained in an interview. "But the problem becomes when everybody else see's it be successful and they start copying. Like I know I'm not the only person seeing this right now, you what I mean. That's what's up! I don't think fans should even allow people to do that. You have to have your own lane and you have to give the public your version of you. Don't try to copy somebody else and mimic them. If T-Pain comes out and he starts winning with auto-tune, I love the way T-Pain sounds with auto-tune. I think he sounds good with that, that's his lane. Then everybody else copies and we just allow them to do it. Where is the originality?" (All Hip Hop)

     Beyond speaking about the simple fact that artists try to replicate each other, Chamillionaire feels that there should be consequences for biting a person's music.

"Every rapper should be slapped that does that. Stop copying! That's crazy. That's what makes it wack! When everybody's making the same thing and just chasing what's hot instead of… Is money that valuable to you that you will just take all your integrity and just throw it out the window? That's crazy to me. I made a lot of money in this game, but I did it not trying. I wasn't so in love with it that I would just do anything like some of these people would just do anything. It's crazy to me." (All Hip Hop)

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