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Chamillionaire Waiting On Andre 3000s Comeback

Posted By on March 24, 2010

     Texas rapper Chamillionaire is waiting on Georgia rapper, and long-time Outkast member, Andre 3000 comeback to the rap and hip hop game. Along with waiting on albums from Scarface and T.I., Chamillionaire says he's mainly focussed on Andre. "One person I really think should come back man is Andre 3000," Cham says. "I don't know if he's going to but man, the game needs that dude man. For real. Musically, anything, features, I'd be happy with anything. He'll do one feature every ten years. [laughs] Like d*mn man, he came out with that 'Walk It Out' remix and that was ill, he ripped it. And that was it, he kinda fell back again. That's kinda what a lot of the OG's are doing, Eminem is the same way. I know what Eminem is capable of, I know he does a lot of that crazy stuff to get people out there, I had a conversation with him, actually, I don't want to repeat what was said but he said something that was so interesting to me. He made me think about every person in the industry that actually wants to be creative, it's always that little bit of hesitance. And they don't want to do it because they're worried about how people will take it and how it will sell."

Chamillionaire – Wants Andre 3000 of Outkast To Make Big Comeback