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Chamillionaire & Paull Wall Talk Tour, Album & More

Posted By on March 25, 2010

     As we previously reported, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire are getting back together for an upcoming tour. "its been 5-6-7 years man" Chamillionaire said referring to how long it's been since they toured together, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire sat down to talk about many things including tour dates, Chamillionaires new "Venom" album hitting stores on June 22nd and Paul Walls "Heart of the Campion" hitting this summer. When it comes to remembering raps, "Pauls going to forget somthing, I promise you," Cham added.

     When asked what made them decide to come together and tour again, Cham said "we lost a lot of people, half the Texas culture has passed away and we need something to spark that energy back. get these people excited again and for me, me and Paul getting together again, that would create that spark and energy again," Paul added "the fans been bugging us and the timing is right." The two Houston, Texas rap stars also go on to talk about doing another co-album together, not to mention freestyles. The two rappers recently collaborated on "Main Event" (which you can listen to below) which also features Dorroughh and another Houston rap star, Slim Thug. All the two are waiting on, to do an album together that is, is for their label to get together and get the money figured out.

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