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Chamillionaire Has Mansion Foreclosed On

Posted By on June 3, 2010

     According to celebrity gossip kingpin TMZ.com, it looks like rap star Chamillionaire recently decided to let his Houston mansion be taken back by the bank but Chamillionaire says it was all part of his plan. Chamillionaire says part of the reason he let the house go was he was never there. "I was
always on the road touring" adding, "I just didn't feel like it was a
good business investment to pay that much mortgage for a house I was
never at."

     The 7,583 square foot home, which Chamillionaire bought for around $2 million dollars back in 2006, was taken back by the bank after he missed serveral payments, simply because he "decided to let that house go." Cham made sure to say he isn't broke, adding "I still got all the cars."

Chamillionaire – Says He Will Just Be Foreclosed On