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Chamillionaire Quits Mixtapes & No Album Coming

Posted By on June 5, 2009

    Houston rapper Chamillionaire, who is well-known for his popular mixtape series, recently announced that he will no longer make mixtapes. "Fact. No more underground mixtapes after [Mixtape Messiah] part 7," he
wrote unmodified. "No jacking beats and putting out full cds. That
formula is old. To me. I have done it 100 million times and it just
doesn't inspire me anymore. Sorry if it makes you feel a certain way.
There are plenty other artists out there doing it that you can choose
from," Chamillionaire wrote on his MySpace blog.

    Chamillionaire went on to talk about his long-awaited "Venom" album stating "Fact. Venom isn't gonna drop. It's not coming out. I'm not dropped. Not depressed. I'm not sad. Just telling you what I'm thinking and what I'm gonna do. No press release about it. No label rep saying it. Straight from the boss' mouth…Past dope concepts will go into my vault. Key locked thrown away. Except for a couple of these that could fit anywhere. The music should fit together and not sound like it's all over the place."