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Update: Chamillionaire Not Quitting Rap

Posted By on June 5, 2009

    Chamillionaire released a new audio file where he addresses the confusion over his career, after he posted a message on his blog that made it seem like he was done with music. Cham makes it clear stating "Im not retiring, let me make that clear, I'm not retiring from rap." [listen here] The houston rapper does explain what he meant with his blog saying "What I am retiring from is the Mixtape Messiahs, that part of my career I'm done with that." [listen here]

    Cham goes on to talk about his "Venom" album saying "Im not going to drop the orriginal material that was planned for Venom" [listen here] Chamillionaire makes sure to reassure his fans saying "If you are a fan out there and you are listening to this, you have everything to be excited about." [listen here]

    As we previously reported, rumors started that Chamillionaire was quitting music when he posted "Fact. No more underground mixtapes after [Mixtape Messiah] part 7," continuing "Fact. Venom isn't gonna drop. It's not coming out. I'm not dropped. Not depressed. I'm not sad. Just telling you what I'm thinking" [more here]

Chamillionaire Talks Quitting Mixtape Series Retirement