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Chamillionaire Retires As The Mixtape Messiah

Posted By on August 5, 2009

    Houstons own Chamillionaire releases his 7th version in the "Mixtape Messiah" series recently, marking his transition from the old mixtape methods to his new "authorized leaks" scheme. Putting out Disc 1 of his new mixtape ‘Mixtape Messiah 7‘ on his site (>www.chamillionaire.com) yesterday (Wednesday August 4), Chamillionaire hyped the mixtape and promised it would be his last, even reacting to the early fans reaction. [Download Mixtape Messiah 7]

    "The hand that holds theMixtape Messiah 7 cd," he wrote on his Twitter account. "The End is today…Going through all my cham.com emails. I would hire all of you if I could. You all are smarter than the industry would allow us to believe…I am sooooooooooo glad that this is the last one. Im tired man. Really…..A lot of eyes watching right now. Its so dope how active you all are. Im gonna print all these tweets out and frame them on the wall. Ha…Ill put all the lyrics for all of the songs on each disc on chamillionaire.com once I get this server thing situated…Thanks. Ya'll the F***In Best!!!!"

    Listen to "Internet Thugs Attack" a track from Mixtape Messiah 7 – Click Here
    Listen to "Denzel Washington" ft Z-Ro a track from MM7 – Click Here
    Listen to "Gucci & Fendi" a track from MM7- Click Here

    Win Mixtape Messiah 7 from Chamillionaire

Download Disc 1 of Chamillionaire – Mixtape Messiah 7
Download Disc 2 of Chamillionaire – Mixtape Messiah 7

    #Chammillionaire even became a trending topic yesterday on twitter, showing how anticipated and how big the buzz for Mixtape Messiah 7 is. Cham only released CD1 of MM7 so be sure to Be sure to support and cop Mixtape Messiah 7 and be on the look out for his next studio album which is untitled at the moment.

mixtape messiah 7

Disc 1
1. The Final Chapter
2. Famous Feat. Famous
3. Internet Thugs Attack
4. 100 million
5. Best She Ever Had
6. Breathe
7. I Know Ya Mad Feat. Bun B
8. Denzel Washington Feat. Z-Ro
9. Day Dream
10. Jewelry Skit
11. Gucci & Fendi
12. Playa Status
13. This Morning
14. Comin down candy
15. Solo Feat. Crooked I
16. The One
17. Still hustlin
18. Bike Repo Skit
19. Scratch That
20. Dead Presidents
21. Successful
22. On My Grind
23. Lonely at the Top
24. Life Goes On Feat. Tony Henry
25. Say Goodbye
26. For the money Outro

Disc 2
1. The Final Chapter 2
2.Still Getting Money
3.In My City Mayne
4.Big Deal
5.I’m 2 Good
6.How We Do It
7.The Realeast Eva
8.Ain’t Nobody
9.King Of Tomorrow
10.City Lights
11.Just Smile
12.Final Story
13.I’m On It Bonus Track

Chamillionaire Mixtape Messiah 7