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Chamillionaire Talks Bill O’Reilly

Posted By on August 27, 2009

     With Fox News TV Host Bill O'Reilly having a past of constantly bashing rappers, one has come forward to talk about Mr. Bill. [Chamillionaire Talks Bill O'Reilly Rap Rants – Watch Here] Chamillionaire, who made his "Hip Hop Police" video which stared him as "Bill O'Wildy," tried to explain why the host gets so much heat from viewers.

     "Bill O'Reilly, no I haven't actually run in to him," Chamillionaire said in an interview. [Chamillionaire Talks Bill O'Reilly Rap Rants – Watch Here] "I don't get him man, I understand, I think there's a method to his madness and the crazy stuff that he says on Fox News. They always say a lot of crazy stuff but I think it's a method behind their madness. They're doing it and they know what they're doing. But [when I made my 'Hip-Hop Police' music video] I felt it was only right. The time for someone to come up and speak on all that crazy stuff that was going on and now, we on to something different. Everyone knows the economy is messed up, instead of beating into people's heads, it's time to uplift and make people feel a little bit better about their situations 'cause everybody is doing bad right now." [Chamillionaire Talks Bill O'Reilly Rap Rants – Watch Here]

Chamillionaire Talks Bill O'Reilly Rap Rants